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Sad day for Adam E., big day for draftees

So in Tigers news not about Armando Galarraga, Detroit designated ex-Astro Adam Everett for assignment yesterday. It’s sad in the way that Morgan Ensberg getting cut by the Rays last spring was sad – that was the end of Morgan’s playing career, and Adam is talking as if this is the end of his. Both guys were key cogs in the 2005 World Series team, and you always want to see old friends do well elsewhere if they can’t do well in Houston. Of course my immediate thought is that, if Everett is released or placed on waivers, the Astros should snatch him up; the buzz about Tommy Manzella all spring was that he “could be the next Adam Everett,” and a 33-year-old Everett couldn’t hit much worse than the 27-year-old Manzella has so far. But the reality is that Adam Everett would not have become Adam Everett if the Astros hadn’t let him go through his own growing pains as a big leaguer, and I think it’s still much too early to give up on Tommy yet. Everett would be a great insurance policy if he’s willing to accept a minor league assignment and if Tommy continues to struggle for another month or two. I’d love to see Adam back in an Astros uniform again. But if this is indeed the end of the road for him, he seems to have an admirable attitude about it. His own comments and those by Jim Leyland speak volumes about Adam’s character.

The Astros did indeed take two of three from the Cubs, so they’re still officially keeping pace with the 2005 squad, but they’ll have to sweep this four-game set in Colorado if they’re to keep that up. Houston dodges a huge bullet this week in that they get to face four Rockies starters not named Ubaldo Jimenez, but I still wouldn’t bet on a sweep. A more realistic goal is to climb out of the NL Central basement before the weekend set with the Yankees. Houston has won six of their last eight to pull within a game back of Milwaukee, so it would be nice to head to New York no longer cellar dwellers.
Of course the biggest news in Astroland today is the first round of the 2010 MLB Draft. As has already been often repeated, Houston has their highest pick this year (#8) since drafting Phil Nevin #1 overall back in 1992, and they have more first-round picks this year (3) than they have since 1994. For a farm system that has regularly been rated among the worst in baseball in recent years, this is huge, and probably the most important draft of Ed Wade’s & Bobby Heck’s Houston careers. Brett Eibner looks pretty good…

Reverse the call, Bud


It’s the play that everyone is talking about. I’m glad that I’m not a Tigers fan, or else I’d be livid today. I am, however, an Armando Galarraga fan now, even though I had never heard of him before last night. I’m also a Jim Joyce fan now, in spite of his error; it takes a big man to admit a mistake so publicly. I’m impressed that Galarraga kept his cool, has dealt with the issue so graciously. I’m equally impressed at Joyce’s genuine humility in response.
I’m as much of a baseball purist as anyone, but Bud Selig should reverse this call. Yes, I know – “slippery slope” arguments and all of that. If he reverses this one, then why not others that cost teams much more than one infield hit in a regular season game? The difference is that reversing this call can be proven without question to have no impact on the outcome of the game, the standings, or anything else beyond Jason Donald’s batting average. If Cleveland had gone on to get other (legitimate) hits, score some runs or win the game, then the decision would be harder. But reality is that Armando Galarraga has pitched the first 28-out perfect game in MLB history, and everyone knows it. Jim Joyce has admitted it, Jason Donald  has admitted it, so why not let the record books reflect it?
There’s more to talk about in Astro-dom and baseball in general, but this needed to get out there first. Bud, if you’re listening – reverse the call!