Final thoughts before Friday

This afternoon, the Astros concluded a bizarre series against San Francisco in which the winner of each game would be the first team to three errors. Houston’s defense was ultimately the more awful, and so they came away with two wins out of three. Jason Castro destroyed a Matt Cain changeup for an upper-deck homer in the 2nd, and he destroyed his bat for a single to right in the 7th, so he finished the day 2-for-3 with an RBI, a walk and two runs scored. With a .300 batting average after three games, Castro the Astro is off to a great start.

Nolan Ryan mentioned recently that he likes Houston’s affiliation with his AA Corpus Christi Hooks, but he said nothing about their Round Rock partnership. If the Astros keep up the way they’ve been going recently, they may want to consider that new Sugar Land location in order to have their AAA guys closer at hand. Houston today made their fifth call-up in a week, with Josh Banks now scheduled to start in Arlington on Saturday, as Felipe Paulino goes on the DL. Bud Norris is back too, and scheduled to start on Monday, but as Roy O’s start on Sunday remains unmoved, I don’t mind the reshuffling around him. No word yet on who’s being removed from the roster in order to make room for Banks, but I don’t expect any major surprises.
Final note: Brad Mills says that Roy Oswalt should be an All-Star this year… and really, I hope that he is. I stated before that I thought Matt Lindstrom was Houston’s most likely candidate, and I still believe that to be the case. But Roy is really their most deserving – if they can look past his 4-9 record (the result of being on a bad baseball team), he honestly, arguably has put up All-Star type numbers. At the very least, he’s put up the most All-Star like numbers of anybody on the Astros team, so based on that criteria alone, Roy should get the call. Not to take anything away from Lindstrom, as I’ll cheer on the Astros rep either way, but I’ll be both surprised and well-pleased if we see Roy in Anaheim on July 13.


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